Friday, January 14, 2011

Release Dates/Upcoming Spoilers

So I've decided not to delay anymore, and after having conversations with my "team" I've come up with what will be happening, since somethings I was unable to do apply for SFW  I will be releasing Diva by Gwen Fall/Autumn '11 --ON THIS SITE

The line will be released at an undisclosed time-as of yet,  but it will happen in the near future, if all goes well. But to whet your appetite, I will be releasing a small spoiler for the line soon thanks to the always incredible Jen. So look for that in the upcoming days.

Also, I may be forced to cut the modeling list into pieces, but if you are on the list you are still eligible to be a model, but I have cut down my line considerably, so there are less outfits to model. If you are not used in this collection, you will be used further down the line, I don't like having told people they're models to give them nothing, so no worries it'll happen.

So look for a spoiler very soon, and a release date in later weeks.